Age of the Baby Boomer

According to an article done by the U.S. Census in 2020 the number of Baby Boomers turning 65 or older has risen by a sharp 32% or nearly 14 million people since 2010. This is the fastest growing age group in the United States creating a spike in the need for Medicare. These Baby Boomers turning 65 are in need of assistance to find insurance coverage that best fits them. Whether it be Part A, Part B, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, or Supplemental coverage these Boomers need an easy way to understand their choices. As a certified agent you can act as a guide for Boomers in order to benefit their wellness and security.

How Do I Get Licensed to Sell?

Depending on what state you are seeking to be licensed in there are certain specifications. Go to the National Insurance Producer Registry at On the NIPR website there will be information on state requirements and the application process. 

Where Do I Get Training?

Apart from getting licensed you will have to get certain certifications and training. For Medicare there are training options made available by CMS such as the Medicare Learning Network ( and carriers have separate training for their products. AHIP certification can be done directly on the AHIP website or iPros can provide you with a discounted link to get your certification at a lower cost to you. 

How Will I Make Sales?

In person sales are still a viable option and at iPros we understand the current climate so we offer alternatives to face-to-face interaction. Through electronic enrollment platforms you will be able to make sales remotely and efficiently.

What Products Would I Sell?

There are a variety of options for you to sell. A lot is dependent on your plan and market in your chosen territory. At iPros we specialize in the following:

Covered California Individual and Family Plan (IFP)

Medicare Advantage Plans (MAPD)

Special Needs Plans (SNP)

Prescription Drug Plans (Part D)

Small Group Employer Benefits

Where Do I Get My Product?

In order to be able to sell products you will have to get contracted directly through carriers. On the other hand you could use a Field Marketing Organization (FMO) to access various contracts. An FMO also serves as a support system for agents. At iPros we are contracted with carriers like Anthem Blue Cross, Oscar, Blue Shield of California, Health Net, L.A. Care, and more. The variety of large and small carriers allows for you to have competitive options and pricing for your clientele. 

Does An FMO Help With Lead Generation? 

As an individual you can focus on referrals or finding lead services. With an FMO like iPros we network with Independent Physician Associations (IPAs), Medical groups, and Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) to generate leads. iPros also runs community events and various promotional activities. And as a bonus digital marketing support is available to you to build a presence online through social media, a website, and potential advertising. 

What Tools Will Be Made Available?

iPros has taken the necessary steps to provide our agents with tools to enroll online and in person. In light of the recent times iPros has partnered with Connecture to ensure success while working remotely.  

  • New online One-Stop-Shop
    • Digital Medicare shopping
    • Quoting
    • Enrollment
    • Retention
    • Increased organization, sales, and efficiency for agent
  • Marketing Footprint
    • Digital Marketing
    • Events 
    • Promotion

Why Sell Medicare?

One of the biggest attention grabbers in Medicare sales is residual income. You could be making income yearly for each enrollee you retain. And in medicare sales you get a 100% of your street level commission. If you choose to align yourself with a Field marketing Organization (FMO) like iPros it comes to no extra cost to you. An FMO serves more as a support system to provide tools, resources, and leads to get you producing your own book of business. You run the show and iPros is there to help YOU.


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