iPros Insurance Professionals provide its clients with financial protection through a portfolio of supplemental insurance products. 

Our AFLAC products have given policyholders the opportunity to focus on recovery rather than the financial stress that comes with an injury or illness.

Through our partnership with AFLAC we offer:


Accident Advantage Insurance policy helps with the unexpected out-of-pocket costs that can hurt the family budget when accidents happen – like ER visits and hospitalization. In addition, the plan offers multiple coverage options to accommodate almost any budget, and provides new and enhanced benefits not previously available with Aflac accident insurance.

Key Features:

More flexibility with four options of coverage for injuries such as fractures, dislocations, lacerations, concussions, burns, emergency dental work, eye injuries and surgical procedures. An enhanced Accident Treatment Benefit that includes different levels of benefits according to whether or not x-rays are ordered during an emergency room visit or at another location such as a doctor’s office. Plus, coverage has expanded for care not only from a doctor, but a physician’s assistant or nurse as well. No waiting period for the Wellness Benefit, and it pays every calendar year for covered persons (once per policy, per calendar year). An Organized Sporting Activity Benefit with an additional benefit payout for injuries sustained while playing an organized sport. An enhanced Appliance Benefit on all coverage options that provides a cash payout for crutches, wheelchairs, braces and other eligible items that aid in personal locomotion. New Home Modification, Waiver of Premium and Family Support Benefits. Enhanced physical, speech and occupational therapy benefits.

Hospital Choice

We all know that not all hospital-related expenses are caused by something catastrophic. Even a quick trip to the hospital can be costly and have undesirable impacts on everyday life. Aflac Choice allows you to customize benefits based on your customer’s unique needs. With a simplified base plan and three available riders, policyholders can get the benefits they need and leave the ones they don’t. No one should have to stress about the impact hospital-related visits have on everyday life, so make sure your policyholders aren’t forced to choose between paying for medical bills or paying for their everyday needs.

Key Features:

  • Guaranteed-issue options available
  • No participation requirements
  • HSA-compatible option available
  • Opportunity to select any or all of three optional riders:
  • Extended Benefits Rider
  • Hospital Stay and Surgical Care Rider
  • Aflac Plus Rider

Short Term Disability

For many employees, a temporary loss of income could have long-term financial consequences. Aflac’s flexible, portable Short-Term Disability insurance policies help employees avoid the hardship of medical bills. An Aflac Short-Term Disability insurance policy provides a monthly benefit amount when the employee is disabled and unable to work due to a covered accident or illness. With features like our guaranteed-issue option and our unique Aflac Value Rider and Aflac Plus Rider, an Aflac Short-Term Disability policy shows employees how easy and sensible it can be to help protect their income.

The Aflac Plus and the Aflac Value Riders can be added to new or existing series A57600 Aflac Short-Term Disability plans. Please visit the Aflac Plus Rider page on FFS or the Product Details tab below for information.

Key Features:

  • Guaranteed-issue coverage – No medical underwriting is required for benefit amounts up to a maximum of $5,000 (subject to income requirements)*
  • Guaranteed issue conversion – Now, it’s even easier for policyholders who wish to upgrade their existing Short-Term Disability policy to series A57600 or those who wish to add units of coverage to their existing A57600 series policy
  • Simplified-issue coverage – Simplified underwriting for amounts over the guaranteed-issue amount, with a total maximum of $6,000 (subject to income requirements)
  • No participation requirements – There are no participation requirements other than the standard requirements for establishing a payroll account
  • Various benefit options and coverage amounts are offered, allowing applicants to tailor coverage according to their need and budget
  • Guaranteed-renewable to age 75
  • Optional Aflac Value Rider (where available) – Pays a cash benefit to Aflac Short-Term Disability (ASTD) policyholders who have the Aflac Value Rider on their ASTD policy


Cancer is a serious disease that, unfortunately, many people can relate to. Today, the chances of surviving cancer are better than ever, but the financial impact of cancer can be devastating. An Aflac Cancer Care insurance policy can help employees and their families better cope financially–and emotionally–if a positive diagnosis of cancer ever occurs.

Key Features:

  • One rate for all ages – no age bands
  • Dependent children are covered at no additional cost
  • Four plan options
  • Guaranteed-renewable for life

Critical Care

Key Features:

  • First-Occurrence Benefit increased to $7,500 for the named insured/spouse and $10,000 for dependent children
  • The Subsequent Specified Health Event Benefit increased to $3,500
  • New Option 3 has coverage for certain heart surgeries such as heart valve surgery, coronary stent implantation, pacemaker placement, cardiac catheterization, and much more
  • Increased benefit amount payable for coronary angioplasty to $1,000 for Option 1 and Option 2 (Option 3 pays $2,000 for coronary angioplasty)


Aflac’s Vision Now is designed to offer true vision insurance to our policyholders. Unlike vision discount plans or other vision insurance policies that simply provide a benefit for exams and materials, Aflac provides benefits for these and more.

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